Domino’s Testing Pizza Delivery Robots In New Zealand

Image courtesy of Domino's

If the robot revolution is going to come eventually, at least our future overlords may arrive to enslave us bearing pizza: Domino’s is trying out a battery-powered delivery robot in Wellington, New Zealand, calling it “the world’s first autonomous pizza delivery vehicle.”

Domino’s says the new delivery guy is named DRU — Domino’s Robotic Unit — and says he has a “passion for delivering piping hot meals and a nice warm smile to customers.” Which again, is super nice, until artificial intelligence rises up and crushes humanity under the boot of self-aware technology.

In any case, DRU is a prototype and won’t be hitting the streets just yet, but Domino’s says it hopes the bot gives customers” a glimpse into the future of what is possible.”

The four-wheeled robot was developed in Australia, and can complete deliveries within a 20-mile radius on a single charge, reports the AFP. He carries up to 10 pizzas in his heated compartment, which is unlocked with a code that customers are given when they order.


The New Zealand government, for one, is stoked about this pizza operation, and is working with Domino’s on the project.

“This is an exciting opportunity for New Zealand,” Transport Minister Simon Bridge told the AFP. “Over the last 12 months I’ve been actively and aggressively promoting New Zealand as a test bed for new transport technology trials.”

Again, I’m totally fine with this mostly because it involves pizza, but even extra pepperoni won’t make the robot revolution taste any better when it finally happens. Mark my words, and pass the ranch dressing.

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