Raiders Of The Lost Walmart Could Really Use An iPad Camera

You may have forgotten this, but the original iPad –– the one that came out in 2010 –– didn’t have a built-in camera. If you don’t remember that, one of the latest discoveries by our brave band of retail archaeologists, the Raiders of the Lost Walmart, will be kind of confusing. It’s a relic of a lost time when an external iPad camera was something that anyone needed, and that they were willing to pay over $60 for.

Raider Knah found yet another fruitful dig site, also known as a Walmart clearance section.


Or maybe they never were willing to pay $60 for it: the camera is still there on the shelf, after all. iPads did include two cameras beginning with the second-generation models, so this was a device that was only relevant for a very brief time.

Or maybe games are more your style than photography. How about this iPad add-on that lets you pretend that you’re using a pinball machine to play pinball apps?


This device came out in 2012, and at the time, CNET found it cute but generally useless. If you have an older iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch, you can buy it on Amazon for even cheaper than this Walmart.