Five-Passenger Brawl Breaks Out Over Loud “Boom Box” On Spirit Airlines Flight

Image courtesy of afagen

Passengers on a Spirit Airlines flight from Baltimore to Los Angeles had ringside seats to quite a brawl, reports say, after five women apparently got in a fight over a loud boom box. Yes, a boom box.

The Los Angeles Times reports that two intoxicated women were enjoying the loud strains of music from their personal sound system when other passengers complained that it was too loud.

Spirit Airlines spokesman Paul Berry told the LAT that several other customers asked the women to turn down the music, but they refused. Instead, they asked, “What are you going to do?”

“Then to provoke the other customer they were holding up their boom box in the air, waving it around,” Berry said.

That reportedly set off the five-passenger brawl.

Video taken by another passenger on the flight shows how serious things get — the women get out of their seats, fists are flying, hair is getting grabbed, and everyone is watching.

LAX police were called and met the crew when it landed, a police representative said. The five women involved in the “mutual combat situation” were taken off the plane. Though the FBI was called in, no one was charged in the fight.

Complaint over loud ‘boom box’ music leads to 5-woman brawl on Spirit Airlines flight [Los Angeles Times]

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