SUV Turns Into Flying Car, Uses Roof Of Giant Eagle Supermarket As Crash-Landing Spot

Image courtesy of WPXI-TV

While we haven’t reached the flying-car future of The Jetsons quite yet, that didn’t stop one SUV from crash-landing on the roof of a Giant Eagle supermarket.

Police in Greenfield, PA tell CBS Pittsburgh that the driver was uninjured after the crash on Tuesday morning, after going veering off the road, going through a chain link fence and landing right-side up on the store’s roof.

As seen in photos from WPXI-TV, the incident was not as weird as it could be: the supermarket’s roof is slightly below street level, with a road next to it.

According to officials, the man claims another driver cut off his Kia Sorrento on the road above the store, causing him to crash through a fence and onto the roof of the Giant Eagle, hitting part of a brick wall as he went.

The store was evacuated and closed temporarily out of concern that the car was leaking gas into the supermarket below. And because a roof is not a great final resting place for a car, crews brought a crane to move the SUV back to solid ground.

I just want to know if he had time to whisper, “Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need!” before landing.

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