Wallet Thief Sends Note To Victim: “Shop Less… Enjoy More”

Image courtesy of CBS Los Angeles

A wallet thief in California had the courtesy to return their victim’s credit cards and driver’s license, but they also decided this incident should be some sort of teachable moment.

The victim tells CBS Los Angeles that the non-cash contents of her vanished wallet turned up a few days later in an envelope, along with a handwritten note that reads:
— Shop less
— enjoy more
— Don’t keep to [sic] much cash on your wallet
— keep your wallet safe

The wallet thief also apparently took note of the victim’s punch card for her nail salon, because the note included this final piece of advice: “do your own nails. Stop splurging your money & save.”

The victim’s reaction to the note? “You’ve got to be kidding me,” she tells CBS.

The note didn’t just have this dimestore wisdom to impart. It also advised the victim that her $350 in cash had been kept because the thief needed it more. The thief also held on to a Target gift card — and the Louis Vuitton wallet that had held all this stuff.

“Basically anything that couldn’t incriminate them, they kept,” notes the victim, who contends that it’s a bit hypocritical for someone who steals a designer wallet, cash, and gift cards to call her out for her apparent materialism.

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