iPhone Theft Victim Seeks To Locate Possible Thieves Using Selfies

These are not the possible thieves. (Kevin Cardosi)

These are not the possible thieves. (Kevin Cardosi)

A woman whose iPhone was stolen from her bag at an amusement park in Ohio wants to find the people who have her phone, and they’re helping her out with it. Not intentionally, of course. However, the phone is still attached to her cloud storage account, which means that the selfies they snap turn up on the woman’s other devices.

The selfie-takers aren’t necessarily the people who stole the phone, of course. She doesn’t know who took it: she told TV station WJW that she accidentally left a bag on a bench while visiting the Cedar Point amusement park. The police found the bag, but, everything of value was missing. That included her camera, wallet, park tickets… and her and a companion’s iPhones.

The actual thief could have given or sold the phone to the people seen in the photos, but identifying the people in the photos could lead her to the real culprits.

You can see the pictures on the WJW site. For a much more heartwarming story involving cloud photo storage and a stolen iPhone, check out the Mr. Orange saga.)

Photos of suspected phone thieves show up on victim’s iPad [WJW]

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