Nick Cannon Insists That RadioShack Has Always Been Cool

Image courtesy of (Getty Images for RadioShack)
(Getty Images for RadioShack)

(Getty Images for RadioShack)

Don’t ask rapper and actor Nick Cannon how he’s going to make RadioShack cool now that he’s their spokesman and “chief creative officer.” That, my electronics-shopping friends, is not his job. That’s because The Shack never stopped being cool. Got it? They’re just marginally cooler now that they have Nick Cannon’s own brand of headphones. Yeah, that’s it.

The former Mr. Mariah Carey actually is a big technology fan, and says that he got started with his first music gear from his neighborhood RadioShack. “When I was eight years old, I got my first microphone, my first mixer, my first keyboard, and the people at RadioShack taught me how to hook things up,” he said during a recent appearance on CNBC’s Squawk Box to discuss his new retail gig. “I have a real affinity for the brand. It was a pillar in my community.”

NCREDIBLE RadioShack Image

This is not the actual Nick Cannon. It is a cardboard cutout.

Can it become a pillar again in that same way? That’s what RadioShack is hoping, or at least to become your neighborhood’s bodega for iPhone cords. Cannon was really on CNBC to promote his line of headphones, though, which were being introduced at the Shack for the first time. There are Bluetooth and wired varieties, and they cost $129.

RadioShack stocks Nick Cannon’s Ncredible brand; actor says chain ‘never stopped being cool’ [Dallas Morning News]

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