CVS Customer Buys Heating Pad, Finds Box Full Of Family Keepsakes Instead

Usually when we write about someone getting home to find out that the item they just purchased contains something unexpected, it involves an iPad box full of notepads or rocks, or a block of wood instead of a PS4. But a CVS customer in Boston got a more intriguing surprise inside her heating pad box: someone else’s family keepsakes.

The woman tells CBS Boston that what she thought was a newly purchased heating pad was, in reality, letters, documents, a passport, and photographs of another woman.

“I didn’t want to take it back to CVS just to have them throw it away,” the woman says of the documents that were all in Russian.

Instead, she decided to contact the local police department.

There an officer was able to run the name on the letters through a computer database, locating the woman’s daughter who still lived in the town.

The daughter’s boyfriend told police that the woman who owned the letter had passed away two years before, and the items were simply forgotten during an estate sale, CBS Boston reports.

Just how the box made its way to the CVS shelves is still a mystery, the customer said in a Facebook post about the discovery.

Watertown Woman Finds Family Keepsakes In Heating Pad Box [CBS Boston]

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