Keep Your Dark-Colored Clothes Looking Fresh And New For Longer

Black clothes are a core part of most of our wardrobes, but they’re hard to keep looking fresh and new. What should we do: use detergents specifically marketed for dark clothing? Adjust our washing machine settings? There are steps that you can take to reduce the damage that washing does to your dark-colored clothes, which includes deep colors fading, running, or other disasters. How can you keep clothes looking new the longest?

Choosing a single magic dark-colors detergent isn’t necessarily the answer. You also need to remember some laundry basics, such as:

  • Maybe it doesn’t need to be washed. If you wore something for just a few hours and spilled sauce on it, you don’t necessarily need to put it through a whole laundry cycle. Consider blotting out stains and then simply letting the item air out.
  • Sort your laundry by color and weight. This is an especially annoying step if you use coin-operated laundry facility in an apartment building or laundromat, but washing delicate and heavy items together means heavy items that aren’t so clean and delicate items that may be damaged.
  • Turn things inside out. To prevent fading on the outside of garments, wash and dry them inside out.
  • Don’t use too much detergent. This is a useful way to save money on detergent, too. Too much detergent will leave streaks and residue, especially if you wash dark colors in cold water as you’re supposed to.

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