GameStop Planning To Sell Sony VR Headset In The Fall

morpheusWe’ve been hearing about the Sony VR since it was dubbed “Project Morpheus,” but as much as the tech giant loves to show it off, Sony has yet to give a firm release window for the virtual reality headset. However, GameStop CEO Paul Raines tipped his cards on that schedule during an interview this morning.

“We will launch the Sony product this fall,” Raines told FOX Business earlier today during a conversation about the impending avalanche of VR headsets onto the market. Raines also said his company is in talks with Oculus and HTC to sell their upcoming VR devices.

Whether or not the tech ultimately soars or sinks, virtual reality is being touted as the next big thing in entertainment hardware, but the few products available right now haven’t exactly lit the world on fire — mostly because of their limitations.

The Samsung Gear VR is affordable but requires the user employ pricey, and very specific, Samsung mobile devices. The Oculus Rift might wow people who try it, but you’ll need to spend around $1,500 on the headset and a computer powerful enough to support it.

Sony VR, while it works with the PlayStation 4, is also being touted as a standalone device, meaning no need to plug in your phone or tether yourself to a computer to make it work. Some believe that this feature, combined with the Sony brand, will help the device stand out and attract a wider audience than the current slate of products.

While Raines’ comment seems to put a more definite window on the Sony VR release date, it’s not good news for early adopters who’d hoped to be able to buy one in the first half of this year.

[via Polygon]

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