Starbucks Shrinks A Whole Serving From Iced Espresso Classics

Good morning! It’s time to stumble to your kitchen and make something caffeinated to aim at your mouth. One handy way to do that when you’re especially sleepy is to buy pre-mixed iced coffee or espresso and milk drinks at a grocery or discount store. Only Starbucks, a popular maker of those drinks, has shrink rayed an entire serving out of their iced espresso drinks.

A serving of their Iced Espresso Classics is eight ounces, and they used to come in a 48-ounce, six-serving bottle. Yet change has come to the iced espresso shelf.


Reader Chris sent us this photo through the Consumerist Facebook page. Yes, that’s an updated bottle on the right that only has 40 ounces. The Grocery Shrink Ray has struck to keep Starbucks from having to raise the price on their chilled classics.

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