Apple Promises To Fix Bug Causing Misleading Battery Meter On iPhone 6S, 6S Plus

If you’ve been confused by the battery meter on your iPhone 6S or 6S Plus that shows you having plenty of power, only to shut down while still showing a full charge, you’re not alone: Apple says a bug with the phones is showing some users a higher charge than the phone actually has.

The battery meter doesn’t update the percentage displayed, causing some folks to see their phones go dark when it appears there’s plenty of power left.

Apple said in a post that the bug happens when users manually change the time on their iPhones or move between time zones, like when you’re traveling or changing the time for daylight savings. The company says that it’s aware of the issue, “and is investigating the cause and a solution.”

In the meantime, Apple suggests users should restart their iPhones, then enable the automatic time setting within “Date & Time” settings.

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