Food Cart That Also Offers Sex Toys Shut Down For Some Reason

That's not a blurry blue banana. (Fox 19 News)

That’s not a blurry blue banana. (Fox 19 News)

When you’re selling things from a mobile storefront, there are certain rules and regulations that your city will most likely make you abide by. To wit: selling sex toys alongside hot dogs, candy, and other snacks from a food cart just won’t fly in downtown Evansville, IN.

The entrepreneur behind the two-in-one business idea told Fox 19 Now when a reporter came to check out his wares that there’s a very simple reason he decide to peddle sex toys: “Sex sells.”

“We all love it. We love it more than we actually show it,” he opined to the news station. “Is sex selling in Evansville? Yeah! More peace. More kids. More peace. It will settle everybody down.”

Perhaps, but that didn’t prevent the city from shutting it down, citing out-of-date permits. Besides the fact that said permits weren’t valid anymore, they also didn’t indicate that he’d be shilling plastic schlongs and other paraphernalia.

The vendor says he was doing well with his cart before it was shut down. If he updates his permits he should be allowed to continue running the cart… at least, the food part of his venture.

Food cart selling sex toys in downtown Evansville [Fox 19 Now]

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