Domino’s Driver Stabs Customer For Complaining About Pizza Being 90 Minutes Late

Remember when Domino’s Pizza used to guarantee that you’d get your order in 30 minutes? The company stopped that promotion because some drivers were putting lives at risk with their dangerous driving. But it looks like delivering a pizza 90 minutes late can be just as harmful.

NBC Los Angeles reports that a Domino’s driver in Covina, CA, got into an argument with a customer because the order was incredibly late.

In the resulting altercation, the driver somehow stabbed the customer, who suffered serious but not life-threatening lacerations to his neck, hands, and wrists.

The driver apparently went back to his place of work after the incident, as police arrested him at the Domino’s store, charging him with suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon. He was subsequently released on bail, reports NBC.

In typical fast food fashion, Domino’s cited the all-forgiving franchisor/franchisee divide to distance the company from the crime.

“We haven’t heard anything about of this,” the company said in a statement to NBC. A”ll the stores in California are owned by independent franchisees and because we have no information, we can’t provide comment other than to say we are shocked by the allegation and hope the customer is okay.”

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