Everlane Presents Customers With Moral Dilemma By Letting Them Choose The Price On Certain Items

everlaneWhile we’re used to naming our own price for, say, a flight or a hotel using aservice like Priceline or Hotwire, it’s not every day that a clothing retailer gives customers the chance to choose what they’ll pay for apparel. Online-only retailer Everlane is giving shoppers the opportunity to pick from a few price tags for certain items in order to move overstock, but there is one small catch.

Shoppers will need to either have a login or sign up to be an Everlane member, at which point they can navigate to the “Choose Your Own Price” area under either the Men’s or Women’s sections. Once there, customers face three different prices, with varying differences between them.

But if you choose the cheapest price, be prepared for some information about exactly what your money will cover that might change your mind: select the lowest option and a pop-up will tell you that only the cost of production and shipping will be covered without any money going toward overhead for Everlane’s 70-person staff; the middle price and you’ll pay for a small amount of that; and the priciest tag will mean you’ve covered all those costs and your money allows the company to “invest in growth.” You also get a “thanks!”

It’s ultimately up to you whether you’re feeling generous, or if you can handle a guilt trip and would rather save some money. If you’re up for facing a moral dilemma while shopping, the sale goes through Wednesday, Dec. 30.

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