Snapfish Promises To Upgrade Some Christmas Card Orders, Customers Not Placated

shapfish_elvesIn response to customers who are angry that they haven’t yet received their orders for photo Christmas cards and other time-sensitive items, photo-printing company Snapfish announced that they’ll be sending out some orders––specifically, photo cards printed on stationery paper–– with expedited shipping. Everyone else? You’ll have to wait in the customer service chat queue to be hung up on.

Snapfish hasn’t responded to any of our inquiries, but it appears that they’re behind on printing cards on stationery paper, and customers upset about that are making the customer service queue even slower than it would normally be the week before Christmas. The company posted this notice to Facebook:

Dear loyal customers,

We appreciate your patience during this busy holiday season! Here is an update on your card orders:
Starting tonight, we are upgrading all stationery card orders placed prior to 12/9 with expedited shipping, free of charge. You will receive an email from Snapfish if this applies to your order. All cards printed on photo paper are shipping on schedule.

Thank you for your understanding!

– Your friends at Snapfish

That doesn’t solve all customers’ problems, though. Gwendolyn would still like to know why the company canceled her order of photo prints with no warning,, and other customers report similar cancellation issues. All customers also struggle to get through to customer service.

Kate ordered an album of photos from her wedding as a Christmas present for her wedding, and it hasn’t yet arrived. “They said that they’re working to get all orders delivered by the originally expected date,” she wrote to Consumerist.” My order should have arrived by now if that’s the case and it hasn’t. It’s still in process.”

Kathy is still waiting for her Christmas cards, and is mostly upset with how customers have been treated. Sending out slightly late Christmas cards isn’t a disaster, but she doesn’t appreciate that she seek out information about her delayed order. “It was only after searching for Snapfish on Twitter and Facebook that I realized there was an issue,” she writes. “As a customer, I shouldn’t have to go searching for information to find out what’s wrong with my order.”

What was wrong with her order wasn’t her fault, and Kathy points out that the bigger problem that all complaining customers have is that unresponsive customer service means that they can’t even contact the company to cancel orders that haven’t been printed, even when they’re turning to other vendors to receive their photos, cards, and calendars on time.

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