UPS: Don’t Panic If Your Package Is Delivered By A Driver Behind The Wheel Of A U-Haul

Though we’re all used to seeing UPS delivery drivers cruising around the neighborhood in their signature brown vehicles, if your package comes off the back of a U-Haul truck, it’s not a cause for panic.

A local story out of Kentucky highlights a concern others around the country might share, especially during the holiday season, when deliveries are coming fast and furious, all day, everyday: residents worried that their UPS deliveries were coming off U-Haul trucks instead of the usual brown vans or trucks were calling the police to report the oddity.

Some folks thought that it was unusual, and were concerned that the drivers could just be wearing fake uniforms to pose as UPS workers and break in if they weren’t home.

“There has been some concern from our citizens that have seen UPS drivers driving U-Haul trucks — trucks that don’t look like UPS trucks,” a detective with the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office told “And UPS has also contacted us because there has been some interactions with some of the residents here and the drivers.”

But it’s totally normal to see the folks in brown driving non-UPS vehicles, the delivery company says, due to a shortage of company wheels during the busy holiday season. Those drivers are legit, and are not out to steal your stuff.

“That has definitely not been the case here,” a UPS spokesman said. “During the holiday season it is quite common for UPS to use U-Haul trucks to handle the extra package deliveries that are needed.” You could also see trucks from other companies as well, he added, like Budget and Penske.

An old Internet hoax that’s recently popped up involving terrorists who buy UPS uniforms to pose as drivers and deliver bombs is totally false as well, the spokesman added.

“There’s absolutely nothing to it,” he said of the rumor. “UPS closely controls its driver uniforms.”

If you’re worried about your delivery driver, you can look for other signs to verify the driver, like an identification badge, handheld computer and the correct UPS uniform.

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