Nutty Nuggets And Panburger Partner: The Best Store-Brand Products You Submitted

At the beginning of this week, we took inspiration from reader Tom’s photo of a margarine tub, and asked our readers to send in your favorite funny store-brand product names. They could be fanciful or funny in their descriptive bluntness: they just had to be funny. You submitted plenty: let’s unload this grocery cart of amusement.

From Canada, Daniel sent along his favorite store-brand lemon-lime sodas: President’s Choice Spritz Up, and IGA’s Choose Up.



Hy-Top’s Panburger Partner is perfect, somehow inventing the perfect name for ground hamburger and pasta in a pan.


Spooki sent along Price Chopper’s Nutty Nuggets, which are store-brand Grape Nuts.


Michael found versions of Chex at Market Basket that are quite descriptive.




Another submission from up Ty north: this IGA version of Froot Loops is called “Fruity Hoops” in English and “Fruits Rigolos” (Funny Fruits) in French, leaving us to wonder what the French word for “Froot” is.


Another unhealthy cereal choice over at Aldi is Cocoa Peanut Butter Spheres, which is a classic right up there with Crispy Hexagons.

There’s something about creating generic alternatives for I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter that bring out the best and worst in marketers.

Melissa sent along two, Fareway’s “Could it be Butter?” couldbebutter

Making your product’s name a question invites people to say “no,” which may not be what they intended. Isn’t the point here to not be butter?

She also points out Hy-Vee’s version, Best Thing Since Butter, which is a spread that contains some dairy.

All of the good names must have been trademarked by the time Acme got in the game. Robin sent this picture along:


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