Police: Woman Threw Punches At Denny’s Because All-You-Can-Eat Doesn’t Mean You Can Share With Friends

If you’ve never heard of an all-you-can-eat special before, it can sound pretty darn amazing — all the food you can shove into your gullet for one flat price. But there’s usually one major catch: the deal only applies to one person, otherwise restaurants would lose a lot of money on large groups all splitting “one” meal. One Denny’s customer apparently wasn’t familiar with the idea, and ended up in handcuffs after allegedly throwing a fit at the restaurant.

A Chicago woman is facing assault and property damage charges after police say she flew into a rage when a Denny’s server explained that the $4 all-you-can-eat pancake special applied on a per person basis, reports The Smoking Gun. Meaning she couldn’t just keep ordering hot cakes and doling them out to her friends for that low price, because again, restaurants would go out of business quickly with that model.

She seemed to be under the impression that the $4 could stretch for everyone at the table, and began cursing at the waitress. Police say she threw several punches at the waitress — though she didn’t connect with her target — and left Denny’s without paying the tab. On her way out, she repeatedly kicked a door, thus the property damage charges.

Police caught up with her after workers gave a description of the car in which she and her friends fled the scene, and she was taken into custody.

Woman Arrested For Denny’s Pancake Rage [The Smoking Gun]

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