Ford Improves Its Anti-Car Spider Technology, Keeps Them Out Of Fuel Lines

fordspidermenSpider webs are more than cute Halloween decorations: usually they’re nets that catch pesky insects and maybe something to knock out of place when dusting. Yet there’s a species of spider that loves to build webs in the fuel lines of cars, affecting fuel pressure and the life and performance of the vehicles. One automaker now has an actual solution meant to keep the creatures out.

Yellow sac spiders ar always looking for new hunting grounds, and there’s something about the fuel lines of certain cars, especially sedans from Japanese carmakers, that they find irresistible. The webs affect fuel pressure and can lead the lines to crack, causing leaks and even fires.

The good news is that Ford has been including spider-proofing screens on the vulnerable parts of their cars, since they have apparently also faced gas tank infestations. For the 2016 model year, CBS Philadelphia reports, Ford says that they’ve improved the spider-proofing device.

You’re still on your own with spiders in the cabin of the car, though. The filter isn’t meant to help with those.

Automaker Creates ‘Spider Screen’ To Keep Creepy Crawlers From Ruining Your Car [CBS Philadelphia]

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