Have You Experienced An Infestation Of Car Spiders?

After posting about today’s recall of Suzuki Kizashi sedans that are susceptible to cracked fuel lines due to spider webs, we learned that the problem isn’t limited to Mazda and Suzuki vehicles. There have been reports of other spider-infested ventilation systems from at least two other companies, Honda and Hyundai.

You haven’t heard about it simply because companies haven’t recalled the affected cars, so the companies wouldn’t have to deal with bad publicity that mostly consists of people writing, “AAAHHH! SPIDERS!” (We’re guilty of that.) A member of the extended Consumerist family had a negative pressure problem with her fuel system due to spider webs, and the dealership blamed her for…parking near spiders, apparently.

It raises many interesting questions: why are these spiders attracted to gasoline? Are these Japanese and Korean car companies using a common part from a common supplier in all of these models that is particularly welcoming to spiders?

That’s why we’re turning to you, our readers. Consumerist Hive Mind, have you experienced a spider infestation in your own car’s fuel venting system, or in any other gas-using vehicles or appliances that you own? Suzuki and Honda make off-roading vehicles: do spiders get in there, too?

If you have firsthand experience with this, or can put us in touch with someone who does, please let us know at tips@consumerist.com. Put SPIDERCAR in the subject line.

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