Not At All Creepy KitKat Billboards Will Give You A Massage

massage_breakKitKat slogans all over the world acknowledge that the chocolate-wafer concoction is for giving people breaks. As Nestle introduces the candy in the country of Colombia, their ad concept is about taking a literal “break” at public transit stops in Bogotá. A massage break. By leaning up against a billboard.

Where things get a little weird are the two hands cartoons on the billboard with the tall headline: “Come [here], I’ll give you a massage.” The ad vibrates when someone leans up against it, which is cozy and could earn the brand loyalty of millions of commuters worldwide if it expanded. Just saying.

Unfortunately, the brand doesn’t plan to take this idea global, and it just exists in a demonstration video from the ad agency. It was only for the KitKat rollout in Colombia. Will the people of the country’s capital always associate the candy with backrubs, with comfort, or with just taking a break? Will the “KitKat = break” brand messaging get through?

KitKat’s New Billboards Are Truly Touching: They Give You a Free Massage [AdWeek]

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