Apple Music Managed To Keep 6.5 Million Paying Customers So Far

iphone6-3up-applemusic-features-pr-print-1It probably won’t surprise you to learn that millions of trial Apple Music users decided to cancel their service instead of keeping their accounts and paying 10 bucks a month. However, Apple reports that six and a half million users decided to keep the service. Or forgot to cancel their accounts before billing started, but from Apple’s point of view, those customers’ money is just as good.

For some perspective, competitor Spotify has 75 million users, 20 million of whom pay for their subscriptions. The rest have accounts with advertising and fewer features. Apple decided not to create an ad-supported tier in their streaming service, instead giving all users a free three-month trial. They say that the service has 15 million users who are either paid or still in a free trial.

The company is developing a version of its app for Android smartphones, which may also pull in more subscribers than the mobile version has now, when it is limited to Apple’s devices.

Apple Music now has 6.5 million paying users [Ars Technica]

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