How To Cancel Your Subscription To Apple Music Before The Free Trial Ends Sept. 30

iphone6-3up-applemusic-features-pr-print-1The clock has been counting down, and the time is night: If you signed up for that three-month free trial of Apple Music back in June, today is the last day to cancel that subscription before it automatically renews on Sept. 30. Here’s how to make sure you don’t wind up locked into paying for a service you don’t want.

There are two ways to do this, through iTunes or through the Apple Music app. If you don’t turn off auto-renew in time, you’ll either be charged the monthly individual rate of $9.99 or the family plan price of $14.99.

• Click on your account in the upper right hand of iTunes — this should have your name or Apple ID on it.
• Navigate to “Account Info” and then settings, and click on “Manage” beside subscriptions.
• Click “Edit” which is located next to “Apple Music Membership” — if you have multiple subscriptions.
• Hit “Off” next to Automatic Renewal


• Click on your account — again, the silhouette icon, on the upper left hand of the Apple Music app.
• Next go to “View Apple ID,” then scroll down and hit “Manage” under the Subscriptions section.
• Toggle the “auto-renewal” option to “Off”


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