AT&T, Uber Team Up To Stream College Football Games On Your Next Ride Across Town

The next time you have to trek across down during the big game, you might not have to worry about missing any extraordinary plays: Uber and AT&T have struck a deal to stream college football games in some of the vehicles operated through the ride-hailing service. 

AT&T announced today that it will partner with Uber to conduct a two-month, Saturdays-only test allowing passenger to watch college football games while on the move in Nashville, Detroit, Atlanta and Houston, Reuters reports.

Under the program, a limited number of Chevy Tahoe SUVs will include four tablets mounted on the vehicle’s headrests.

The devices will come equipped with AT&T wireless connectivity and the company’s U-Verse app so that passengers can easily stream live college football games. The cars will also come with wireless headphones so users can also listen to the games, too.

For now, there is no additional cost for the feature, but riders will have to click on a custom tab within the Uber app to hail one of the connected cars.

To add a bit of incentive for consumers interested in hailing a ride in one of the cars, AT&T says that former football stars will make surprise appearances in the back seats.

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