Furniture Company Mocks Coupon Fine Print With Rambling 350-Word Disclaimer

fineprintFor years we’ve been highlighting ridiculous coupons with fine print so restrictive that it basically ruins all the fun of saving money. In that spirit, the folks at home furnishings chain Lovesac decided to create a discount that is nothing but fine print.

In an e-mail that went out to customers this week, Lovesac advertised “10% Off Everything*” with that asterisk referring to the disclaimer you see above.

But as the store makes clear, the savings apply to “literally every possible thing we make… if you see it in store or online then it’s 10% off and if anyone tries to tell you otherwise then it means they’re fibbing unless of course it is after the promotion date which ends on October 19th then they would be correct and you’d look silly for trying to sound right.”

The disclaimer even offers a suggestion on how to calculate the discount: “if you see something you like and you take the decimal point and move it over one digit and subtract that number from the total price then you would be left with the discounted price and if you are having trouble we suggest a calculator or probably a phone because most phones have calculators on them and seriously when was the last time you saw a calculator being actually used by someone who wasn’t born in the 1800’s and if you are holding a calculator right now as you read this then we apologize for any offense we may have caused but honestly what are you doing with a calculator it’s 2015.”

It’s just nice to see a retailer using the power of the asterisk for good and not very mundane evil.


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