This Toys 'R' Us Coupon Excludes Toys. No, Really

Phillip and his wife set up a Babies ‘R’ Us/Toys ‘R’ Us registry for their soon-to-arrive new baby. After all of the fun of zapping items in the store with guns, they received a registry completion coupon in the mail. After the shower and baby gifts stop coming, they could buy anything left on the registry for 10% off. These coupons are pretty common, and come in handy. Well, unless you’re Phillip’s family. Their registry completion coupon isn’t very handy at all, because it excludes just about everything on their registry.

“Apparently, we really can’t get anything on our list based on those first five items,” he wrote. Excluding specific brands with strict retail price policies, and not allowing customers to take 10% off services? Fine, that makes sense. But a coupon to a toy store that can’t be used on toys?

We featured a similar coupon on this very site last year, but that’s just a regular 20% coupon mailed out to parents. You’d think there would be fewer exceptions on the registry completion coupon…. not more.

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