Amazon Shuts Down Music Importer Program

MusicApps_page_Header_040315_30days._V308164029_Now that Amazon’s music streaming service – Prime Music – has been up and running for more than a year, the e-commerce giant is apparently cleaning house in the music department by ditching a three-year-old application that allowed users to upload previously purchased music into their Amazon Music library. 

TechCrunch reports that the Music Importer app, which launched in 2012, had become a bit redundant for the company in recent years as it created more all-encompassing products like Prime Music and the Amazon Music app.

Music Importer allowed consumers to play their long-ago downloaded tunes by scanning a user’s computer hard drive – including iTunes and Windows Media Player libraries – for music and then adding those songs to their Amazon Music library.

While many consumers have turned to streaming services like Pandora and Spotify for their on-the-go music needs, Amazon says it isn’t getting rid of the option to upload music entirely.

Instead, most of the functions found through Music Importer can now be found in the Amazon Music app. Users who want to continue to upload songs to the music service must now do so by downloading and installing the Amazon Music desktop software.

Amazon Shuts Down Its Music Importer Software, Points Users To Amazon Music App Instead [TechCrunch]

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