The Reservation Might Be For One, But You’re Not Alone When It Comes To Dining Solo


Yes, it’s all for me. (Coyoty)

You might be eating alone tonight, but you aren’t alone. Well, physically, you might be dining solo, but you aren’t alone when it comes to making a reservation for one, according to a new report from OpenTable. And hey, that means fewer people you have to share dessert with.

OpenTable says reservations of tables for one are up 62% nationally over the last two years, according to its analysis of its online reservations.

Solo diners are the fastest growing party size, the company said. And yes, a party can include just one person, if the party is in my mouth and only delicious food is invited.

You know what this means? According to OpenTable, it means you no longer have to skulk around guiltily when you feel like eating out of the home without having to talk to anyone while you do it. Whew, am I relieved.

“The findings indicate that the stigma surrounding dining solo may be starting to lift and that consumers are eager to savor unique culinary experiences alone,” OpenTable says of its analysis.

The most popular spot to eat all by yourself these days is Dallas, followed by Miami, Denver, New York, Philadelphia, Las Vegas and Chicago.

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