Amazon Creates Streaming Music Service, But Don’t Expect To Hear New Releases

prime musicIf you’re a fan of six-month old music releases and happen to have a Prime membership, then Amazon’s newly launched streaming music service might be for you.

The e-tailer recently unveiled its latest venture – Prime Music – as a competitor to other streaming music services like Pandora and Spotify, Business Insider reports.

While the service adds a layer to Amazon’s offerings, it comes with a few downsides. New music from major labels won’t show up on the service until six months after it’s been released. And if that popular song happens to be from Universal Music Group, you won’t be getting it on the service, period.

However, officials with Amazon say the service currently has one million songs. Also, consumers won’t have to worry about their music groove being interrupted, since the service will run without ads.

The service also features a number of curated playlists, including those focused on genres, moods and compilations of specific artists.

Consumers without a Prime membership can test the new service through a 30-day trial.

Amazon Unveils Prime Music—Its Answer To Spotify [Business Insider]

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