Dunkin’ Donuts Is “Obviously” Paying Attention To McDonald’s All-Day Breakfast Menu

Given the hoopla surrounding McDonald’s nationwide entry into the all-day breakfast market, one might assume competitors are a bit wary of how the move will affect their sales. But while Dunkin’ Donuts says that of course, it’s watching the Golden Arches, it’s ready to fight back with the weapons it has at its disposal: breakfast sandwiches, coffee and donuts.

As the battle of the quick-service restaurants (QSR) continues to rage on, Dunkin’ Donuts executives spoke to investors and analysts about how it’s going to compete with the rest in the all-day breakfast arena, reports Food Business News: first of all, it’s really no big deal, okay guys?

“I think competition exists every single day of the year in our industry,” said Chris Fuqua, vice-president of Dunkin’ Donuts brand marketing and global consumer insights and product innovation. “Breakfast is the biggest part of Q.S.R. that’s growing. When one of the biggest players out there gets into breakfast all-day, obviously we pay attention.”

Cough, McDonald’s, cough. But if Dunkin’ does what it’s planning to do — “deliver a great coffee experience, a great breakfast sandwich experience” and “a variety of donuts” — Fuqua says the company “can fight anybody, any day.”

Rivals are to be respected, he added, but Dunkin’ isn’t scared.

“We think we have our place as well, and we’re going to keep going strong,” he said, noting that Dunkin’s coffee business has continued to grow, making the company “more of a coffee player than ever.”

The chain is also testing a Bacon Lovers Sausage sandwich (apparently, sausage made out of bacon, which, what?) as well as a Sweet Black Pepper Bacon sandwich. Basically, this strategy is: bacon.

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