Goat Kicked Out Of Tim Hortons For Loitering Without Buying Anything

ctv_goatIn defense of a loiterer who sought shelter in the vestibule of a Tim Hortons outlet in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan, there is no sign that says, “No Goats Allowed.” They ban skateboarding and biking, but not seeking shelter in that area while being a goat. Yet store employees called the Mounties anyway, probably because the goat was loitering without even buying a coffee.

The animal first entered the store through the automatic doors, since those don’t have any kind of species lock on them. Employees tried to encourage it to go back outside, but it kept re-entering the store. Police suspect that the animal was looking for a warm place to sleep.

The officers finally brought the goat to their vehicle, but it resisted “arrest” and was unhappy to lose its donut-scented sleeping spot. The officers brought it to a local vet, where it stayed overnight until the officers finally located the farm where it belonged.

The goat has returned home, probably to regale its barnyard friends with thrilling stories of automatic glass doors, double-doubles (that’s a coffee with two creams and two sugars) and frosted pastries.

Stubborn goat ‘arrested’ after refusing to leave Saskatchewan Tim Hortons [CTV]

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