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Portland Airport Hires 40 Goats And One Llama To Do Some Landscaping Work

You know what’s not fun for a human? Pulling scratchy thistles other invasive plants. You know what’s totally awesome for a goat? Eating scratchy thistles and other invasive plants. The Portland Airport has caught on to the obvious solution to its airfield landscaping needs, hiring 40 goats and a lone llama to munch away at the plants encroaching on runway space. [More]

(Jackie Alpers)

“Healthy” Restaurant Meals Can Be Even Worse For You Than Hitting The Drive-Through

It’s no secret that dining out can be a poor choice for your health. A chain-restaurant entrée can be shockingly full not only of flavor but also of fats, calories, and sodium. [More]

Krispy Kreme To Celebrate Inauguration With Donut Giveaway

Krispy Kreme To Celebrate Inauguration With Donut Giveaway

Hey there true American, Krispy Kreme wants to help celebrate the inauguration of your new President by giving you a free donut. Or as Krispy Kreme, defender of America as the land of the obese would probably prefer to rebrand them, freedom bagels. Here’s how it works: Obama is inaugurated and you get a donut.