Company Behind Wonder Bread Shells Out $120M For Alpine Valley Bread Co & Its Organic Offerings

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 1.24.04 PMAs consumers’ tastes shift toward healthier foods, the appeal of organic products has had companies scrambling to either trot out their own organic offerings or just buy out other businesses that are already in the game. Flowers Foods is taking the latter route, snapping up organic food purveyor Alpine Valley Bread Co. for $120 million, its second acquisition of an organic baking company in a month.

Once the cash-and-stock deal passes regulatory muster, Alpine Valley’s lineup of organic and “natural” bread will fall under the same company banner as products like Wonder Bread and Tastykake pastries, foods that no one would mistake for being organic.

“Alpine Valley Bread Company will further strengthen our company,” said Allen L. Shiver, Flowers’ president and chief executive officer in a press release. “With its extensive portfolio of on-trend organic products, Alpine Valley has a deeply rooted culture of excellence, service, and commitment. We are especially pleased to welcome Alpine’s team members who will bring expertise in the development, production, and delivery of organic breads to Flowers.”

If you’re worried about your favorite bread changing now that its in the hands of Flowers, you probably shouldn’t be — new corporate overlords usually leave current leaders in place at their new acquisitions instead of absorbing them into the corporate fold.

That’s because while a merger might technically merge two companies, customers don’t want major changes to brands they already buy and like, and the major food producers know this. So they’re likely to leave new brands to keep doing what they did before, which is usually the reason they’re attracted to them in the first place, instead of risking scaring off loyal customers of the brand.

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