Raiders Of The Lost Walmart Find Ancient And Mysterious My Little Ponies

Within the elite squad of retail archaeologists known as the Raiders of the Lost Walmart, some Raiders have subspecialties. Their deep subject knowledge gives us a better understanding of the antiquities that they find buried in the nation’s big-box stores. One of these specialists is Professor Jeffrey, subject expert on My Little Pony.


This trove starts with some familiar territory for people who follow the Raiders’ exploits: a video game at Walmart. Specifically, a Nintendo DS game featuring the character Pinkie Pie that came out in 2008. The good news is that it’s on sale, but only marked down to $15.

The thing with that game, though, is that it’s from a previous generation of “My Little Pony” marketing, before the super-popular “Friendship is Magic” series came out in 2010 and the characters were redesigned. Jeffrey says that the game came out in 2008, which is probably about right. It’s probably fun and all if you have that game system, but expensive and outdated.

While visiting a Kmart store, though, he found something even more baffling: merchandise for that older generation of pony products that’s probably going to confuse young fans of the characters when they receive this activity book as a gift or a parent who doesn’t know the difference picks up these plates and cups for their party.




They probably date to the same era as the game, which means that they’ve been sitting on the shelf for 7 years. Paper plates don’t go bad, exactly, and neither do kids’ activity books, but that doesn’t mean that anyone wants to buy these items, either.

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