Police: Don’t Bring Homemade Toilets To Jimmy Buffett Concerts, Then Leave’em For Others To Clean Up

What’s a Parrothead to do when they’ve been wasting away in Margaritaville and the lines to the bathroom are too long? Apparently, there’s a bucket for that. Police in Mansfield, MA say Jimmy Buffett fans really need to stop bringing their own homemade toilets to concerts at the local arena, because not only are the tailgaters relieving themselves outside of sanctioned restrooms, they’re leaving their latrine creations behind for someone else to deal with.

Workers at the Xfinity Center and police were on the lookout in the parking lot over the weekend for tailgaters equipped with their own portable, makeshift toilets, reports The Sun Chronicle. Typical models include a five-gallon bucket with a foam pool noodle on the rim as a seat, often inside a tall tent. There’s also a design with a wooden box holding a bucket, and a toilet seat attached to the top.

Police estimate 75 to 100 people were told to remove makeshift portable toilets, and yet officers found seven to 10 potties on the grounds after the show. It’s a major health issue, and isn’t something arena staff are prepared to deal with.

The Xfinity Center’s general manager said the venue’s overnight cleaning crew was able to “get creative with the porta-pottys” to dispose of the leftover waste after Saturday’s concert, but that’s not something they want to deal with in the long run.

“We’re just not set up to handle that kind of waste,” he said, adding that he’ll discuss the issue with local officials in an attempt to combat it in the future.

Lest you think Parrotheads are getting singled out unfairly, police say the group of fans is the “primary offender” in makeshift toileting, and that the practice of leaving out used johns for others to deal with is “unsanitary and just disrespectful.”

“They’re known as a party crowd, and I guess they don’t want to wait in line,” a police lieutenant told the newspaper.

It isn’t just in Mansfield that this happens, apparently: A Buffett fan site called Troprockin.com polled readers in April for the top tailgating “must-haves,” and “makeshift potty” was the most popular write-in vote.

“Parrot Heads have learned there comes a time at every tailgate when you just can’t fathom going into the port-a-potty,” the article says. “Several different versions were listed. From your bucket with a shower curtain to commercial little pottys and a privacy tent. I’m assuming in this scenario, you’re bringing the toilet paper.”

This was the first year Mansfield police tried to address the issue ahead of time, posting a notice on Facebook to concertgoers to please leave their latrines at home. Officials say they’ll continue to keep an eye out for wayward toilets at other shows as well.

Mansfield police fighting make-shift toilets at Xfinity Center [The Sun Chronicle]

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