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The Future Of Tourism Is Public Toilets

There’s nothing that can ruin a great tourism experience quite like the intense need to go to the bathroom. That’s why officials in some U.S. cities are trying to figure out how to provide more public restrooms: If tourists have a place to go when they need to, they may be more likely to visit — and spend money — in those cities. [More]


China Hoping Big-Budget “Toilet Revolution” Will Spur Tourism

Whether a tourist destination has dazzling scenery, famed museums, ancient ruins, or just really fantastic nightlife, there’s one thing all visitors want to find in foreign lands: plenty of clean public restrooms. That’s where China’s plan for a “toilet revolution” comes in. [More]

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Police: Don’t Bring Homemade Toilets To Jimmy Buffett Concerts, Then Leave’em For Others To Clean Up

What’s a Parrothead to do when they’ve been wasting away in Margaritaville and the lines to the bathroom are too long? Apparently, there’s a bucket for that. Police in Mansfield, MA say Jimmy Buffett fans really need to stop bringing their own homemade toilets to concerts at the local arena, because not only are the tailgaters relieving themselves outside of sanctioned restrooms, they’re leaving their latrine creations behind for someone else to deal with. [More]

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You Can Make Almost $100K A Year Finding Ideal Bathrooms For Seattle Bus Drivers

It might be smelly work, but somebody’s gotta do it: Seattle officials are looking to hire a “Comfort Station Coordinator” in Seattle, a veritable Goldilocks tasked with finding bathrooms that are just right for bus drivers. And stench aside, the gig pays pretty well, at a salary of $97,000 per year. [More]

Forget Looking Under The Stall Like A Creeper: New Product Lights Up Restrooms Like A Parking Garage

Forget Looking Under The Stall Like A Creeper: New Product Lights Up Restrooms Like A Parking Garage

When you’ve gotta go, you’ve gotta go, but sometimes public restrooms can make that task more difficult and awkward than it needs to be. [More]


Rent A Stranger’s Bathroom For 5 Minutes With Airpnp

The legend goes that the founders of Airbnb set out an air mattress in their living room and welcomed guests, and that’s where the site comes from. Staying in a stranger’s home can be like a bed and breakfast, often without the breakfast. What about when you want to take a crap instead of a nap, though. Is there somewhere you can pay a nominal fee to strangers to rent out a different room of their home? [More]

The Art Of Making Public Restroom Breaks Less Icky

Practicing solid bathroom hygiene is a great way to keep from getting sick, and doing so is especially important when using heavily trafficked, rarely cleaned public lavatories. The nastier the bathroom, the more unique the health challenges they present. [More]