People Mad About Dinner Roll Lawsuit Keep Calling Wrong Attorney

throwedrollsWhen you’re the lawyer behind an infamous lawsuit against a beloved institution, members of the public will call you. For example, there’s the one where a woman is suing a restaurant after she was injured by a hurtling dinner roll at a restaurant famous for its “throwed rolls.” Fans of the restaurant are looking up the lawyer behind it and calling or e-mailing to complain. The problem: they’re calling the wrong attorney.

“We got a lot of crazy phone calls and crazy emails from people who loved the throwed rolls and they are pretty upset about the lawsuit,” says attorney John Meehan of St. Louis, who is not Bill Meehan, also of St. Louis, who is representing the 67-year-old pastor. John Meehan works for his father. J. Justin Meehan, and they call themselves “Meehan Law LLC.” Adding to the confusion, the father-and-son Meehans do handle personal injury cases, so it’s easy to see where an annoyed roll fan could go wrong here.

“However,” they say in an announcement on their website, “we are actually huge supporters of that restaurant, and have stopped there regularly on the way to visit relatives down south.”

Lambert’s Cafe, a micro-chain with restaurants in Missouri and Alabama, is famous for the roll-throwing. Heck, they’ve registered the domain name, and sell t-shirts with cartoons of rolls on them that say, “Catch this!”

While the restaurants are famous for this, the pastor’s attorney says that it isn’t the first time the company has been sued for a roll-related injury, and he believe’s that’s an argument in his client’s favor.

She claims that a roll hit her in the eye and caused a scratched cornea and loosened retina, and that she has continuing pain and blurriness in her eye.

Videos of the roll-throwing in action show how this could have gone wrong: they aren’t a 100 MPH fastball, but those rolls are going pretty fast when thrown overhand.

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