Woman Suing Restaurant Known For Throwing Dinner Rolls After She Says She Was Hit In The Head With One

Sometimes, food isn’t enough, and diners want a show. Restaurants know that, including one Missouri spot that’s known for being the “Home of the Throwed Rolls,” which means exactly what you might think: dinner rolls are tossed through the air from servers to guests. But one customer claims things got out of hand when she was hit in the eye with a dinner roll, and she’s now suing over her injuries.

The Missouri woman filed the lawsuit this week, claiming she “sustained a lacerated cornea with a vitreous detachment and all head, neck, eyes and vision were severely damaged” after being hit by a dinner roll during a visit in September of 2014, reports the Riverfront Times.

She’s seeking at least $25,000 to cover medical bills and legal fees, alleging that the restaurant’s “carelessness and negligence” has already caused her to rack up $10,000 in expenses. She says the restaurant should’ve known how dangerous it could be to chuck rolls around, which the lawsuit claims is a “defective condition” of the business.

But as the Riverfront Times points out, the woman might not have much of a case, noting that “Home of Throwed Rolls” signs are posted all over the place, which could mean customers assume they will be putting themselves in the line of fire upon entering.

And in June, the Kansas City Royals and their mascot were found not to have been at fault after a hot dog that was thrown into the stands hit a man in the face and tore his retina. The jury found that the man who was hit assumed some responsibility for personal awareness by entering a baseball stadium.

Update: An earlier version of this post referenced the customer suing as a man, based on a local newspaper source that had identified the plaintiff as such. It has been corrected to reflect that the plaintiff is in fact, a woman, albeit with a name she shares with many men.

The correction was noted in an editor’s note included at the bottom of the updated Riverfront Times post.

Throwed Roll Leads to Lawsuit [River Front Times]

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