Possible Scammer Threatens To Call Police On The Police Asking Questions About Suspicious Mailing

Who’s a scammer to turn to for help when they feel they’re being harassed? Apparently, the authorities: police in Massachusetts say they were investigating a possible scam targeting senior citizens, and called up the alleged scammer with a few questions — who then threatened to call the cops.

Burlington police wrote on Twitter about the trouble they had while investigating a potential scam targeting residents in the area (h/t CBS Boston), after some people received a postcard alerting them to a package they had waiting to be delivered, that they didn’t know they had coming to them. The mailing asks for a credit card number to get the package on its way to the recipients, which sounds a lot like a scam.

Police called the number listed on the card to ask a few questions, but a woman who picked up couldn’t provide a legitimate address or company name. She hung up, and the police called back, and spoke to a woman who threatened to call the police on the police.

When a Twitter follower told police they should’ve given the woman the main number for the Burlington Police Department and have her report their call, police said that’s exactly what they did.

According to the police department’s Twitter account, cops are still looking into the business and its mailer in an attempt to verify whether it is indeed, a scam or some kind of legitimate venture.

Here’s more info on how you can help protect your loved ones from suspected elder scams.

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