Awesome Or Terrifying?: “Highway To The Danger Zone” Playing On The Plane PA During Takeoff

Flying with Mav. Cool or scary?

Flying with Mav. Cool or scary?

For some folks, taking off in an airplane can be a bit scary. After all, you’re in a metal tube hurtling along the ground that somehow launches itself into the air like a huge, manmade bird. That same experience can be a rush for other travelers, who some may envy for their ability to enjoy facing their mortality with a blast of turbojets. Either way, your emotions may be heightened if the plane’s crew plays the theme to Top Gun over the PA system during takeoff.

In a YouTube video from a recent Southwest Airlines flight, a flight attendant plays the Goose to Top Gun‘s Maverick, while the movie’s theme, “Danger Zone” by Kenny Loggins streams from the PA. Amusing? Perhaps. Terrifying? Maybe. Depends on who you ask.

The thing is, going on a “highway to a danger zone” might not be a fun thought to have on the brain for those people who already quake at the idea of boarding these metal skyships, which kind of take off on a highway type thing.

Or heck, maybe the humor of the situation could ease those worried souls. You never know. Flight attendants don’t normally act so wacky, providing a welcome distraction from any flying fears.

On the other hand, if you’re the kind of person who thrills to the sensation of getting airborne, and happens to love Tom Cruise, jamming along to thoughts of Top Gun could be a pretty awesome way to fly.

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