Sears Hometown Wants To Remind You That They’re Still Here

stillsearsHello, person on Sears mailing lists! Did you know that, even though your local Sears store may have closed, there’s still a Sears nearby? It’s true, in the form of a Sears Hometown store. Please come visit.

That’s the basic message of this mailing that tipster Y. received from Sears today. Update: The e-mail came from Sears Hometown, which is actually a separate chain of smaller stores that carry some Sears merchandise.

It does highlight something that Sears Holdings does really well–their Shop Your Way rewards program is pretty good, and lets you use rewards on your next purchase, making it significantly more useful than most rewards programs.

Confusingly, this e-mail blast features a model who looks a lot like author, actor, and all-around cool person Felicia Day, who did some commercials for Sears last decade. We are fairly sure that it is not Day, but are not 100% sure. Update: it is indeed Felicia Day.

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