Amazon Adds 5% Cash Back For Prime Members To Store Credit Card

amazonprimecardHey, you, person who buys things on Amazon but who doesn’t have a Prime subscription. Yeah, you! If the discounted shipping, streaming media, and the deals and festivities of Prime Day weren’t enough to convince you to subscribe to the service, what about a credit card? Yes, Amazon already has a variety of credit cards, but what about a special Prime credit card?

Actually, the card is the same store credit card that they had before, but being a Prime member adds one benefit: you get 5% back on all of your purchases as a credit on your following statement. Yes, that is pretty much the same thing at Target’s RedCard: both are cards that can only be used at one store, but the difference is that Target gives you the discount at the time of the purchase.

Amazon didn’t make a big deal out of this new benefit, just sort of quietly slipping it onto the store card page. It’s been around since March, but without an on-site ad blitz or even a press release. Jason Del Ray over at Re/Code happened to notice it while shopping on the site.

My favorite thing about this story is that now I’ve learned that Amazon’s store credit card has its own reviews page, which is almost as interesting as the reviews page for Amazon gift cards.

Amazon’s Latest Prime Perk: A Five Percent Cash-Back Credit Card [Re/Code]

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