Oregonians Can Now Fly With Recreational Marijuana — As Long As They’re Traveling Within The State

The friendly skies over Oregon just got a bit friendlier to residents who don’t want to leave their weed at home: Airport officials at Portland International Airport said travelers can now legally board planes with up to an ounce of marijuana — for in-state flights only, of course.

Officials point out that Transportation Security Administration is not focused on finding marijuana, but instead would rather expend energy keeping up with security and safety issues, reports UPI.

To ensure that travelers are complying to the letter of the law, TSA agents will notify police when marijuana is found during security screening. If the pot is within the legal weight limit and the passenger is at least 21 and flying in-state, they’ll be cleared to travel. The rules are included in an update to the Port of Portland’s travel tips for PDX.

“Traveling across state lines is still a federal crime,” said Steve Johnson with the Port of Portland. “However, if someone is flying within the state to another destination in the state, traveling with recreational marijuana is allowable if they meet all the legal requirements.”

As a reminder, smoking of any kind is illegal on all commercial aircraft in the U.S., so no mid-flight mile-high highs.

Anyone found to be on the wrong side of the law will have the option to either store the marijuana in their car or hand it over to someone over the age of 21 who isn’t traveling. It can also be surrendered to be destroyed by law enforcement.

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