Amazon’s Stupid Shipping Gang Nestles Roll Of Bubble Wrap In Kraft Paper

bubble_wrappedLook, Amazon doesn’t know what Alexis wanted a roll of bubble wrap for. Maybe she just wants it to wrap up breakable items before placing them in a box to move, store, or mail. Or maybe she’s a collector of rare and precious bubble wraps, and needs to keep the rolls in mint condition with no risk of damage and not a single bubble popped.

That’s probably why they secured her roll of bubble wrap with a generous helping of brown craft paper. It’s also possible that they did so out of habit, or they could have been sending her some handy free packing material along with the packing material she purchased.

The paper may not be as versatile as the air pillows that another box of bubble wrap that we featured a few years ago was packed in, but at least it arrived safely and in mint condition.

The important question is this: if you order a roll of kraft paper, does it come wrapped in bubble wrap?

(Thanks to Alexis for sharing this picture on Consumerist’s Facebook page.)

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