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National Toy Hall of Fame

Transformers, Nerf, & Bubble Wrap Among Finalists For The National Toy Hall Of Fame

Whether popping plastic packing material is your idea of a good time, or nailing your adversaries with a foam projectile is more your speed, both modes of entertainment have a chance at being inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame this year. [More]

Amazon’s Stupid Shipping Gang Nestles Roll Of Bubble Wrap In Kraft Paper

Amazon’s Stupid Shipping Gang Nestles Roll Of Bubble Wrap In Kraft Paper

Look, Amazon doesn’t know what Alexis wanted a roll of bubble wrap for. Maybe she just wants it to wrap up breakable items before placing them in a box to move, store, or mail. Or maybe she’s a collector of rare and precious bubble wraps, and needs to keep the rolls in mint condition with no risk of damage and not a single bubble popped. [More]


Bubble Wrap: Now With Less Pop

We’ve all been there: You receive a fragile packaged carefully wrapped in Bubble Wrap that’s just begging for you to start pinching the plastic between your fingers to create that joyous popping sound. The days of that sweet sound may be over as the biggest company in the Bubble Wrap game is revamping its signature product by removing its popping possibility. [More]

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Did Amazon Need To Pack My Order Of Bubble Wrap In Bubble Wrap?

When you place an order for a material that is itself used as packing material, you might be surprised to see that your order comes surrounding by other packing material. But there may be a method to this madness after all. [More]

Happy Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day!

Happy Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day!

Today is bubble wrap appreciation day, or “BWAD.” Celebrated the last Monday of every January, it’s the day to celebrate your love of everyone’s favorite packaging helper. Some partake in the festivities by making bubble wrap animals, bubble wrap dresses, or simply grabbing a piece of bubble wrap and popping all the pockets. And if you don’t have any lying around, you can always play the online bubble wrap popping game. Hooray for bubble wrap! You’ve filled our hearts almost as much as you’ve filled our landfills. [More]