Where In The World Can You Find The Cheapest Beer?

If you’re the kind of person who needs to know everything about a city before you visit, your list of requirements might include pinning down where you can get a cheap beer. So before you hit the road or book that flight, you might want to check out a recent list of which cities around the globe have the priciest pours.

A company called GoEuro collected data on the price of beer at both supermarkets as well as bars in cities and then took that average to create the Beer Price Index. The results may factor in when you’re planning a trip, depending on how much you can handle paying for a beer.

Traveling to Switzerland? Better save your change for a cold one: Geneva’s beers will hit your pockets the hardest, according to a beer price index compiled by GoEuro. The average price of a brew there is $6.32 ($1.87 in stores and $10.77 at bars).

On the cheap end of things, Krakow, Poland and Kiev, Ukraine were tied for the least expensive beers, with an average price of $1.66 each.

In the United States, New Yorkers won’t be surprised to find their favorite beverage comes at a higher average price ($5.20) than its fellow notoriously expensive city on the West Coast, San Francisco ($3.97).

The Wall Street Journal took GoEuro’s data and turned it into a searchable database, for those who don’t feel like scanning the entire list.

And you should always remember, temperature is also key when choosing your brew. So sayeth Strong Bad:

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