Walmart Marks Defunct Multiplayer Game Down To Only $15

tabula_rasa_2015Back in 2010, we pointed out something kind of silly and unfair that happened at one reader’s local Walmart: there was an old computer game on the shelf. This happened to be a multiplayer game, which required access to servers to play. Those servers were shut down in 2009, making the game completely useless if purchased in 2010, or in 2013, and it’s just as useless now.

Yet reader Kristen, brave explorer for the Raiders of the Lost Walmart, reports that her local Walmart found six copies somewhere in their warehouse, dusted them off, and marked them down to $15. While the game box itself has some value to collectors, it’s not $15.

The problem is that someone could theoretically buy this game off the clearance shelf, take it home, and try to actually play it. Imagine their reaction when they learn that their new game has been shut down for six years.

That scenario is pretty unlikely, though, since we have trouble imagining that anyone would buy this game at all. Even at 50% off.

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