Swiss Carpenters Bend Engineering Skills To Important Task Of Opening Five Beers At Once

There are some problems that are so important, it takes professionals to figure out how to solve them. But it wasn’t a group of bartenders who worked out a way to open five beer bottles at once, it was a team of thirsty carpenters making use of their engineering skills.

Though we originally thought this was an arrangement of 10 rulers, with two stacked on top of each other in each spoke, reader Michelle wrote in to let us know that the tool that pops the tops of all five bottles is actually one Lufkin carpenters rule, “which is riveted together end to end and can be folded into one small bundle or extended into one long ruler or in the case of the beer genius, a beer cap removing pinwheel.”

The cameraman then pans around to show glowing faces and exuberant smiles all around while everyone cheers.

I don’t speak Swiss German but I think the translation here is, “YEEEEEEEESSSSSS WE DID IT YOU GUYS WE ARE AWESOME, YAAAAY BEER LET’S DRINK IT!”

The group is made up of members of the Handwerkskollektiv Zurich, a cooperative dedicated to carpentry and painting. They said in a Facebook post that the men were participating in a traditional construction celebration called an Aufrichtefest (via UPI).

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