Potentially-Toxic Beetle Shows Up In A Salad From Aldi

Image courtesy of Maybe save this post until you're done eating your salad.

Just when the Consumerist staff were about to think about maybe buying some packaged spring mix again, we’ve heard about another Salad Beetle. Normally, an insect in your organic salad is a startling but not dangerous problem to have: vegetable packagers would prefer that it didn’t happen, and so would consumers, but no one will get hurt. Iron Cross blister beetles are different, though: they give off a toxic substance when stressed, and eating the salad can make you sick.

Reader Dave sent us this photo of the beetle that he found in his organic salad from discount grocery Aldi, which he purchased last week.


Our advice, which should apply to all produce, really is this:

1. Check your produce for stray insects when you arrive home or open the package.

2. Wash thoroughly before eating.

3. Report anything that isn’t supposed to be there to the retailer, the food packager if not the same company, and to the Food and Drug Administration.

This Toxin-Emitting Beetle Is Not A Crunchy Salad Topping

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